At Dancealife, we are flash mob enthusiasts.  

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Flash mobs are fun for the whole family!  No dance experience necessary.  All you need is a desire to share the joy of life with others in an informal yet professional atmosphere. Dance steps are provided online and most mobs include one to three in-person group rehearsals to help you feel your way to the flash mob!  Mobs are done on a voluntary basis. 

Come create lifelong memories, making lifelong friends!

Want to dance in our 2021 Summer Beach Flash Mob, in Westbrook, CT? This flash mob is available to you for the experience of being in a great mob at a great place and at a great time! It is voluntary – when you sign up you’ll be committing a short amount of time for a large amount of fun!

The purpose of this flash mob is to emanate happy energy for the community and to the world. It is being organized and lead by professional dance instructor and flash mob leader, Sharyn Farrell.

Join our upcoming flash mob or be on our list for future mobs by signing up below! When you sign up we will send details about our upcoming mob at which time you decide if you want to commit to the mob.

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Flash Mob Student Testimonials:

Taking part in a flash mob has always been so rewarding, and doing so virtually is amazing! Seeing myself presented with others around the world is a once in a lifetime experience, not to be missed.

Ned F.

I went way out of my comfort zone for a Fourth of July fireworks flash mob with Sharyn. It was so empowering and I got to check it off my bucket list! If I can do it, anyone can!

Laurel C. USA

I’ve participated in two Mobs led by Sharyn Farrell. So so fun! She makes the routines easy to follow and everyone loves her and the routines! Looking forward to mobbing with her in the future.

Mildred C.

Participating in dance mob is very exciting! It’s a bit of a high like performing on stage but better!

Carol P.

Ballroom Dance Student Testimonials:

I want you to know how delighted I am that you were able to help Holly and Ron; their wedding went wonderfully.   One of the very special moments that day was when Holly and Ron floated across the dance floor with self assurance, grace, style and smiles on their beaming faces.  We were all utterly enthralled.  You are a wonder!  I am very grateful for your talent, patience, and loving nature.  I know you made their day extra special.

Carolyn – Mother of the Bride.