Once Upon A Time…….A smiley, sweet girl, was given a gift certificate for

ballroom dance lessons, by a good friend.  She was so happy!  She had been wanting to move

her body more and to enjoy being with people in an easy going atmosphere.

She immediately began to try to figure out how she deserved this wonderful gift.

She listed all her good deeds, accomplishments, and wise decisions…….then her friend

looked at her and said, “My dearest, what are you doing? Don’t you know about that

place?  You know, that place inside of you…..right there, in the middle of you, that

knows you deserve everything and anything you want, no matter what.  It is the truth of who

you are.  Just focus on that, and go to the lessons and have fun!”  The girl felt a thrill of

joy run through her and smiled.   “Thank you, I will!”

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