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Once upon a time everyone used to dance, A LOT.  Really! 

They used nature to make instruments to bang around and makes sounds and they moved

and expressed themselves and just had a plain ‘ol good time…..and now, you can too.  Dancing may not seem natural for you but it’s in your jeans and in your heart and it’s as old as the hills and in everything that feels good.  If it feels good do it, if it doesn’t, put on another song. 🙂  And why?  Well, it’s good exercise, it is more of YOU bursting out of your britches and that can make you realize your power and best of all it has no rules or expectations.  Really!  Dance is merely an expression and no 2 people are the same so how can you make a rule about that?

It’s all GOOD.  Real good.  Try it out next time you are at home by yourself.  Move, express, feel the blood flow, even go slow if you want to, play, get mad, whatever works for you…….

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