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House Calls! In-Home Services

Dancealife is Connecticut’s finest mobile dance studio.  With door-to-door service, we bring ballroom dance and line-dance home!

No matter what area of Connecticut you are, we come to your home or facility, *with approval.

See some options below or call us to create your own personalized home or facility dance lesson. Choose from East Coast Swing, Waltz, Foxtrot, American Tango, Cha-Cha, Rumba, party Line-Dances and more!

1) First Step, Basic Lesson: $65 (plus transport fee over 15 miles outside of Clinton, Connecticut) Includes: 1 hr Lesson, Music with Sound System, Keepsake Photograph, Mints. Includes lesson for 1-2 people.  3-4 people rate is $85.

2) Next Step, Basic Lesson: $85 (plus above transport fee) Our Best Deal! Includes all of the above, except length of lesson is 1 +1/2 hrs.

3) It’s Home Party Time!  Introductory Price $99.00.  Join with friends or family and double your fun! Includes all of the above, except length of lesson is 1+1/2 hrs plus 15 minute practice time.  For 5 or more people.

Choose from above, or call us to discuss a personalized lesson in your own home or facility

*Dancealife reserves the right to refuse any location that Dancealife deems as unsafe, or otherwise too difficult to access.

Request a House Call Class: